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Transformational Coaching

1:1 Coaching is for you if you want more personalised in-depth transformational work. 

This is for you if you want to work on the following: 

  •  Peak performance/ maximising your potential

  •  Self-discipline/ overcoming procrastination

  •  Social/ communication skills

  •  Sense of purpose/ meaning

  •  Productivity/ taking action

  •  Image

  •  Addictions/ bad habits

  •  Confidence/ self-belief

  •  Personal development

  •  Happiness/ fulfilment

  •  Dating/ relationships

  •  Time management

  •  Organisation skills

  •  Work/ life balance

  •  Interests/ passions

  •  Health/ wellbeing

  •  Weight loss/ gain

  •  Business start-up

  •  Stress reduction

  •  Public speaking

  •  Career/ finance

  •  Gaining clarity

  •  Assertiveness

  •  Sleep quality

  •  Goal setting

  •  Motivation

  •  Leadership

  •  Self-love

  •  Energy


The Better Man Project

The ultimate unique space for men to level up their lives, relationships and self-development in a specialised environment. 

  • Regular posts and discussions on a topic to help your development

  • Regular Group Calls (3 weeks on, 1 week off)

  • Interviews with industry leaders on change and growth

  • Achieve footage of previous calls and subjects

  • Discounted access to 1:1 transformational coaching

  • Access to all in person events

  • Guest speakers attending the group sessions


Relationship freedom course

An in-depth, self-lead course for those looking to create deeper and more meaningful relationships  or heal existing ones. 

This is a video course and can be done in your own time


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Phil Airson is an incredible coach and I appreciate our experiences together. When you have that heavy feeling in your chest or on your back- more times than not, at the end of a session with Phil, I don’t feel that anymore.  There have been many moments when I’ve been chatting with Phil and then all of a sudden “it” lifts and I can feel my body and mind react to the words in the session. He hears me and leads me to discover areas that have been hidden or never found. His advice and professional expertise on the topics of life help me through a normal day, and particularly those with rough edges.

Tanner Fanello - Denver - U.S.A

"When I found Phil, I was in a place in my life where I needed someone to support and encourage me to work through past traumas. He listens with compassion and empathy. He never judges but instead offers alternative solutions to problems that I created in my head. It has been a truly wonderful experience working with Phil!"

Josie Garner - Ontario - Canada

"Phil and I met during his research for his latest book. Within minutes of being on a call I felt totally at ease, like I was chatting with an old friend. Having recently completed my first coaching session with him I cannot recommend Phil highly enough. I felt so comfortable opening up about things I rarely talk about, even with my loved ones. He was patient and understanding and helped me work through several issues. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Katherine Curry - London - England

I have worked with Phil for a total of 12 weeks now and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience from start to finish. He is an incredibly kind, genuinely caring and knowledgeable guy, who has helped me enormously with a number of aspects of life I was struggling with. Phil is an excellent listener and has provided me with new and more positive perspectives to challenge old, destructive ways of thinking. I have seen a significant, noticeable difference in my confidence and self belief since working with Phil and feel committed to continuing this improvement going forward. Overall, working with Phil has been a massively rewarding and life changing experience and I cannot recommend him enough.

Matthew Bollands - Edinburgh - Scotland

"Having known and confided in Phil during his time as a therapist and coach he has always provided valuable guidance which has helped gather my thoughts and choose my next steps. Would highly recommend reaching out to Phil for those who are looking to understand what truly drives and motivates their choices. Five stars"

Chris Stones - New York - U.S.A

"The support and coaching offered was beyond all expectations. I felt hesitant as I’d never sought out help before but within minutes I knew I’d made the right decision. Professional yet comfortable, Phil's coaching gave me the strength and confidence to make the changes I’d wanted to make for years. Cannot recommend enough!"

Adam Slobodzian - Oxford - England

It has been so amazing to work with Phil. Phil guided me throughout the process by bringing back my attention towards inner wisdom. I was trying to look for everything for greater life outside my personality but Phil helped me to first see the inner dialog and see How i am as a being. He is great mentor and best coach for Big life changes. I truely deeply love his way of Being and he has the real tools to guide others also How to be a powerful and authentic self to create a happy content life. Thanks for being my mentor and a best friend WHO listen all the ifs and buts. It was great pleasure to meet with you in this journey.

Tahira Batool - India/Sweeden

"Investing in coaching with Phil under the PMA Coaching ethos, has radically transformed my thinking. The professional, yet personable, trust-building approach Phil uses instantly sets you at ease, and it was such a relief not to be preached to, or told how to fix my life. Instead we worked through mindsets and thought patterns, their roots and how to retrain my brain into believing the best about and for myself, my relationships and my future. It is a myth that only broken people need guidance, and whilst some work-throughs are challenging, life coaching has meant I am far better equipped to support others and pursue my goals and dreams."

Laurie Knight - California - U.S.A


Kat Carr - London - England

"My name is Heidi, and I want to say WOW! Phil with PMA LIFE COACHING is such a blessing! Great Company, great people. Phil is such a incredible person and Mentor. He truly is an asset and strives to add VALUE to ones life."

Heidi - California - U.S.A

Excellent experience working with Phil, we worked in a wide range of areas and he definitely had a big positive impact in my areas needing improvement. He was very responsive and cared about my progress. I definitely recommend him.

Leonardo Penuella - Texas - U.S.A

Phil has been helping me with a lot of different things going on in my life. He has helped me start to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I normally would not do. Phil has been there for me when I needed someone to talk to about different situations that have risen in my day. I feel like I am becoming the person that I have always been wanting to become because of Phil helping me!

Jessica Rich - Quaker Town - U.S.A


Hannah Fernando -London - England

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