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Problems men face

Whilst coaching men we have found problems within their marriage can show themselves outwardly in many ways. They could appear as any or several of the following:

  • Letting yourself go physically

  • Indulging in habits you know are unhealthy for you but struggle to stop

  • Ignoring your inner voice that things are wrong.

  • Not feeling connected to your partner.

  • Your wife feels more like your roommate.

  • You feel empty or numb in your life despite ‘having it all’.

  • You know you should work on your marriage and health but feel like you don't have time.

  • You're struggling to connect with your kids.

  • Most of the time you feel you couldn’t care less but then explode in anger unexpectedly. 

  • You want to talk things through but have nowhere to voice your opinion without judgement

  • You struggle to explain how you feel to her.

  • You’re avoiding returning home. Work is easier. 

"Cheers to you both for creating the space for men to dive deep and explore what is commonly avoided by groups of guys as “taboo or socially unacceptable.” 

I need this; more men need this! I am impressed in the curriculum you have created and the way that you conduct the calls/sessions to entice conversation.

I can tell from the first two sessions that the work is pushing me to show up differently in my relationship with my wife and other friends. Thank you."

-Tanner Fanello

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