I will get you to overcome crossroads at work to find direction.

You will know how to make drastic change and feel supremely confident about your choices


Get the skills and be filled with self belief for that big promotion to nail the job interview or start your own business.


I am here to guide you there. Using my unique range of qualifications I will work with you one on one to achieve the results you want. 


We will work one on one finding out what your big goals are and uncovering what is keeping you stuck. Working together we will plan and strategise based on what drives you and your passions to achieve results you never thought possible.

We will work one on one with weekly check ins, 24/7 whatsapp and email access, personal strategic plans which we design for you and using my personal success plans to get you the health, happiness and satisfaction in your everyday life that you want. 


Confidence issues can affect anyone in their everyday life. I want to work with you to not only improve your self confidence but to build an unstoppable confidence that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Challenging all self damaging beliefs and creating your ultimate positive self image.



Working with Phil has been life changing, I was able to overcome my self limiting beliefs around myself and work and helped me reach my dream job and income.

Lucy Thomas

PMA is different from any other life coaching service I has ever used. In addition to being no nonsense and goal driven, Phil's years in Counselling and Psychotherapy means that when I hit personal bumps in the road, he knew how to help dig out the roots of negativity I had had since childhood, now things that effected me everyday are no longer blocks.

Sky Smithson

Phil was a joy to work with,  we worked on changing my drab day job within the bank to working everyday helping homeless people in my local community. 
Now each day I wake up with energy and vigour for everyday.

Kris Mac

Phil is a warm kind and funny coach, but so inspiring. I would recommend working with him to anyone. As much as he helped me at work my personal and home life is thriving too as a result.

Frankie Belverter


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