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The Power of Momentum - (and how to get it)

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I would describe my life in my twenties as that of a giant rock, sat upon a hill, looking at all of the wonderful bounty others were enjoying at the bottom of the hill. Just a big hungover rock, barely moving, not knowing how to move or where to move, knowing that I should move, but yet still just collecting moss.

I would describe my life now as an awesome boulder, flying down the hill! think Indiana Jones boulder but on a steeper hill, always hurtling towards greater things, too much power and intent to gather any moss! I am a clean stone now! I am smashing everything in my way. I am unstoppable.

So what caused the change? momentum. I got a little bit and gathered a lot of it. I am a momentum junky.

I don't mean I am awash with literal physical momentum. I am not impossible to talk to as I am always just running or stumbling or rolling around! shouting as I disappear in the distance.

No...I mean positive momentum. Energy, joy and passion for each day and I want to share with you what I did, how I maintain it and hopefully you can use some of the hints for yourself.

1- Get a goal setting journal.

There are some AWESOME goal setting and gratitude journals out there. I got mine off amazon but everyday I fill in 3 things I am grateful for that day, my goals and plans for the day and one amazing thing that happened to me each day. At first I was cynical but it switched my focus to looking for things to fill in my book. I was now actively looking for things to be grateful for and realised it was all already there! the whole time. doing this at the start and/or end of the day can make a HUGE difference in mindset shifting.

2 - Find inspiration in your mornings

I needed to lose a little weight so I had a goal set to just hit 10,000 steps a day. No problem. Although where I could work around my job at the time was dull, very dull, like walking through various industrial estates, not exactly inspiring. I thought...well....if my surroundings can't inspire me, I will force myself to inspire me!

I started finding and listening to other people who I admired. Podcasts, audio books, music. If it made me feel excited for my day it was part of my walking routine. Any time I set out to hit my steps BANG positivity and ideas get into my head!

3 - Get momentum for others

This is the big one, when I changed my mindset from "What can I get out the world today?" to "How can I make other peoples lives better today" when I go through the day wanting to make just one persons life better it brought so much fulfilment to everyday. Just something small, helping people lift something, or answer a question or even if its a compliment someone didn't ask for. Making someones day better passes on the feeling into the world and creates amazing momentum and not just for yourself. Every morning, ask what you can do to help others.

So thats my big 3! I have many many more but trying to implement just one or more of these per day will absolutely get you enough positive momentum to to get you flying down your own hill.

Just go to and book your free consultation and we can work one on one to get your life the momentum that will last a life time.

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