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Put me in Coach!! (why to work with a life coach)

I was working as a counsellor for many years, I loved it, I knew I wanted to help people. Even when I worked in a job I hated for 16 years in the bank I knew helping people kept me there. (Well that and the free suit)

Anyway, as a self confessed junkie for personal growth, I was undertaking courses and classes to up-skill myself. I had completed my Neuro-Linguistic programming course, my working with substance abuse, depression and anxiety and so many more and I came across life coaching. "Oh great" I thought, "I get to learn how to just be blindly positive and meditate and become a cheerleader" now don't get me wrong, a 6'2 bearded northern man in a cheerleader outfit is either the ultimate fantasy or some kind of hellish nightmare, but I didn't think it was for me.

On the other hand this was offered for free, which meant it was was time to dust off my pom-poms and practice my splits. (sorry to any actual cheerleaders my entire knowledge of what you do is saved by the bell and that 90's movie Bring it on)

One of my best attributes I think is my ability to see and admit when I am wrong and boy was I WRONG.

I was hit by lightning, this was IT! It allowed me to combine the counselling and NLP which I love with an addition of helping people in a purely positive and goal driven way. I am not just fixing the boat I am sending it on the most fantastic journey and having a great time on board as guide.

I became officially certified working under the tutelage of life coach supremo and all around handsome chap Jay Shetty and just doing the work changed my life.

I started working with a coach myself, I had to see what it was like in real life and I cant describe the transformative effect it had on my life.

I was always told you just get a job, it makes you miserable and you do it and get paid until you retire or die slightly happier but now I started going in to everyday feeling purposeful and full of energy.

Where as before I was dragging myself to work like a coffee fuelled exhausted bear I was now waking up as a bear with a check list of amazing things to do that day and knew exactly where I would be years from now!

My counselling had healed my old wounds but hadn't showed me how to thrive and find purpose and fulfilment but now working with some amazing life coaches I was thriving. That weight I had been carrying since I was 14 had gone (emotionally and literally) I was becoming the best version of myself for my family, my friends and most importantly for me.

If fulfilment and purpose is something you are lacking or want in your life, go to fill in my booking form and let me have the honour of helping you get the best version of you! (no cheerleading)

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