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No Crap for 90! - Inventing my new habits

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Since I left primary school I have been self conscious about my weight. Looking back there is no way I should have ever been concerned, I was very tall and broad but not fat, yet every day I was called names by my stick thin friends, I remember every day looking in the mirror and thinking "why am I not seeing everything they call me?" and it kept chipping away till one day I couldn't see anything else.

I think by my parents own admission, one who worked away on the road most of the time and one who worked brutal night shifts in a factory, our collective family diet was just functional. My parents were overweight (not anymore they are both incredibly in better shape) and I was a pretty lonely only child so when I had nothing to do I would eat.

Smash cut to now (Or star wipe to now, depending on your preference) I have spent SO much money on personal trainers and fitness coaches, most of whom are AWESOME, some of the best most motivating people on the planet and I am forever thankful. They have made me the strong rock of a man that I am, but still as I sit on my bed, I look at my stomach and recoil.

I have tried every diet, every exercise, hypnosis, life hack. I bought a stupidly expensive juicer for my juice diet (I lasted 3 hours then just had tasty juice next to my not so good food) I tried hammering crossfit (I loved it, but I still wasn't happy with the mirror) and so many more.

I always thought when I became a father, I would have a life changing lighting bolt to the head to unlock the secret to stop resembling a sentient barrel, but no.

So this week I was chatting with my coach about it, I could see how frustrated they were getting, everything suggested I could provide a million times I tried and it didn't work. Then.....she said something that I don't think she intended to have the impact it did.

She just said off hand "So could you for example just not eat any bad food at all for 90 days. Not a little here and there, just none"... Oofffff....that was it, that was my lightning for some reason. I thought "well....yeah ok" I stuck it in my diary, I decided to take a video everyday which I will post once I am at the end of the journey, I came up with the mental device that if I buy some sweets or general unhealthy food I have to give it away to someone I like (that way either I dont buy it and save money, or I give someone I like a treat) and finally I came up with my revolutionary 'NO CRAP FOR 90' name. its simple and perfect for me, its the reverse Nike "just....don't do it" nothing special, just no, I am done, thanks but no thanks.

Will it work? currently on day 3 and I have given away a pack of Rolos and it felt pretty good! I will play with the idea of cutting out alcohol but at the moment its just the crap. I will let you all know how I get on, it may not work, it may be the key, but at the very least I am happy to try and MORE happy to come up with a snappy name.

Like the great Mr Robbins says " you cant say you have tried everything, if you had tried everything you would have succeeded" so here we go! NO CRAP FOR 90!

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