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There was a time when I believed that "goal setting" was just list writing. When I finished my shopping list I would get home and think "yep I have nailed my goals for today" and when I look back my "goal" list contained 'Cheese' 'Meats' and 'Beer'. Now don't get me wrong, some days these three are glorious goals for a Friday night but not exactly what I am talking about today.

Today we are talking about you attacking life! about personal growth. About wanting to do something and how to get it done.

So here are just some of my Ultimate guide for setting and achieving your goals


Set out your longer term goals. What I sometimes find helpful is to sit somewhere quiet, pause, and imagine your ideal life, your ideal house, your optimum health, your perfect car, partner, day whatever it is. Imagine it, the sights sounds and smells, put yourself there to the point you feel like it's already yours. Got it? Good.

Remember do not think of this as your "dream", dreams are whispy and fictional. We are not here to to create fantasy. These are your new GOALS. Goals are concrete, achievable and will be yours. This distinction is important in your mindset.


"But Phil I have tried everything" .... " no you haven't, if you had, you would've succeeded"

Your goal has been achieved by someone, so there is a way. Find the people who have what you want and find inspiration and guidance, this shows there is a path for you to walk as its already been walked.

"But Phil I don't have the resources"..."Then lets work to find a way"

It is easy to look at the most successful people in your field and just think they were handed everything or that they had some advantage over you. whether that be money, family or something else you just don't have.

The reality is the most successful people in the world found a way, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. If you need money research how you can earn extra income, sell things online, borrow and budget. If you need better contacts then make them. It wont be easy but if you want it, it's there for you to grab.

3. Small wins are vital

While our long-term goals provide us with focus and direction, short-term goals give us momentum. (see "The power of momentum blog on this site for its value")

Setting the big life goals then breaking them down into smaller short term is vital because they provide you with quick wins and start to fill up your tank with "little successes" while you travel to the bigger success.

For example say your long-term goal is to run your own coffee shop on a bustling high street somewhere.

Firstly you need to chunk that down into a slightly smaller goal like opening your first Coffee shop somewhere in a specific location or area within a few years.

Now it's smaller we want it get even smaller. You can start by working at your local coffee shop, asking to shadow the owner for a few months and start to learn how to run the business. Follow this with more smaller wins and build them up and up and soon you will reach your ultimate bigger goal.

Don't become overwhelmed by bigger goals, if you let yourself become swamped by the bigger goals then you can become discouraged and the goals become dreams and the dreams can fade.

Little goals you can do today, then more and more little wins, get your momentum and build and build and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

These are just three of many of my ultimate goal setting plan, book yourself a session if you want to use and implement my easy to understand guide to smashing your life goals.

Just go to and book your free consultation and we can work on my full ultimate guide to smashing your big life goals.

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