• Phil Airson


How is your relationship to money?

I heard today that you should look at your relationship to money like a relationship to a lover.

Do you keep them close and care, are you just distant? Do you even pay each other attention anymore?

I know that in my case, especially when I was younger my attitude to both was very immature and unsurprisingly no matter how much I wanted to I couldn’t seem to hold on to either and never really knew why.

I felt constantly miserable that I seemed to have lots of ‘stuff’ but no money (I was young, give me a break) and I had attention from lots of ladies but no real deep connections. I felt lost, alone, empty and unfulfilled.

I remember my first memory with money, I got given £200 for my birthday! I was so excited I had never seen this much money at this age. I was heading into Newcastle later on with my mates, what do I even do with this? Does the Limo drive me around now? Do I need to wear a tuxedo to Pizza Hut later? Who am I now?

Well long story short, I panicked and bought the most giant ridiculous East 17 looking fur collared coat. It was huge. It was more Pimp than I could ever achieve. I got home expecting applause maybe? My Mam mocked me (rightly) and my Dad hit the roof at my reckless spending. I was one sad penniless pimp. (that's right it cost the full £200) This pattern continued into my university years as I amassed mountains of crap and debt.

My epiphany around money ironically came at the same time as my one about relationships. This thing was something to be cared about and nurtured, this was something I get to share with the world and for myself.

I believe keeping it all for myself is just as foolish as throwing it away on coats (no matter how sweet the coat)

It is all about a balance. Same with relationships and love. When it is time to give you do so with complete freedom and choice, you invest it wisely in something that will grow in true value.

When you need to spend some, do so on something that will help you GROW. It is an investment into making you a better person so use every penny.

In between these moments enjoy spending small amounts to bring laughter and joy and save a little in the tank for when it is really needed.

How are you keeping a balance with money or relationships?

Do you find it difficult to not buy that coat just for buyings sake?

Please like, share and comment, hopefully someone you know will see this and it will help them find a balance that is currently keeping them in a stressful state.



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