• Phil Airson


Who is feeling lonely this week?

I can’t remember the exact age I learned this but you can be surrounded by people and loved ones and still feel incredibly lonely.

I suppose in the same way you can be alone in the woods and feel incredibly connected.

I remember when I first got my own office at my old finance job, “I have made it” I thought in my youth, “I am wolf of wall street” (maybe more sleepy bear of the banking world) but still, YES! THIS OFFICE IS MINE. I don’t have to be out amongst the public! FREEDOM

Then the strangest thing happened

The door to my shiny new office closed and I was alone. So I powered on! talking to clients all day would help right? I still felt like a ghost, there but somehow also not there at all.

So when brutal banking job cuts came along I was told I would be back in the main hall! Greeting customers helping them out, GREAT I’m going to dive back into it and it’ll be amazing.

It wasn’t

I was surrounded by more people than ever but I still felt hollow and alone.

Then it hit me like a truck, I wasn’t showing up as a genuine version of me because I didn’t care about my work.

I was good at it, and it was fine but there was no passion, my heart wasn’t in it.

I invested in my future and my real self came home for the first time in 16 years.

Now when I work I am in an office alone a lot. I'm never lonely, I make so many genuine connections and I take that into my life and relationships outside of work because I have PASSION and I SHOW UP every day to everything.

Do you feel lonely today? Do you turn up physically but are not showing up genuinely?

Comment like and share, hopefully this can help someone you know.



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