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Leading in your relationship

One of the things that makes the men we work with some of the most powerful and potent leaders you will ever meet is that they understand

Taking full ownership of who you are and your life creates incredible power - This is not you taking the blame, but rather owning your part in everything (and I MEAN everything) they no longer hide parts of who they are.

That you can never change how someone else is going to think, feel or what they do. You are only ever in charge of how you respond to them.

The only way to create change is to change how you are being.

These key principles can create a giant shift in how you show but also how the world shows up for you.

We are always aware of the example we are setting and creating as fathers for our kids and I want you to imagine the difference in these two scenarios, in both your child is looking up at his father:

1 -He is distant, when he gets in he has no energy and often relies on a drink or two to numb him from the world. He works hard but perhaps a little too much, even when he is there his brain often isn’t. His relationship with his wife seems to be constant arguments. The child doesn’t really know him because no one does. He snaps and yells a lot because things aren’t the way he imagined.


2 - He is totally comfortable with himself, he is open, wise and loving. He owns his mistakes as well, when he loses his temper he understands why and apologises and explains. He connects with his wife and she feels listened to on a deep level. He works hard but he has created strict boundaries so he always has time for what is important to him. He is calm and content. Everyone looks up to Dad.

Our work is taking you from 1 to 2, by spending three months with us and the other amazing men you will totally change the example you are setting and so much more! You will get lifelong bonds with other men just like you, we are all on the same road.

So if you or someone you know is on the fence, I want you to take reading this as a sign to take massive action, reach out and let's discuss how we can start you making that shift

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