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How to build a career during Covid: Gather your thoughts during the Pandemic

Learning to cook, running daily, walking 10,000 steps daily, learn a new language, swim daily, launch a new business, be a great Dad, Be a Great Dad to two new twin babies, try best to not look like a potato during photoshoot, read everyday, qualify in things that will grow my business and help my clients.

These were just some of my personal goals during this quite frankly INSANE set of circumstances we find ourselves in. I have dipped my toe in some, I have dove head first into others. But my determination from the first day of lock down has been I will emerge from this as a better human than when I went in, like a glorious bearded butterfly emerging from his cocoon.

I would be lying if I said I didn't find working during the pandemic stressful as f**k. Its been dreadful at times, working on the phones for a worldwide charity providing deep in depth counselling while my newborn twins and original boy child run riot downstairs was tougher than I would have hoped, loosing my job due to budget restrictions on the pandemic was a real kick in the teeth. I was still just designing my website to take coaching full time, yes I had done a butt load of coaching but was I ready to go full time? I had to speed build this city, and god damn it I'm building it on rock and roll.

I made my focus one of learning, I got another part time job to bring in the money to keep my family afloat and set to work on learning about building and growing my business to a full time gig. I read about marketing, I researched everyday how I can build, I met with hundreds of other life coaches (at a social distance obviously) and talked and learned to them till they were sick of me, then I talked some more.

I made sure my NLP and counselling could be blended with my style of coaching so I can offer clients the very best, I created my perfect programmes for clients needing career or life help. I USED my time to do all the things that would've taken a life time in the world pre-Covid.

I promised myself each day I am going to be better equipped and further along towards the big life goals I already knew I was heading towards.

Yes this horrid virus sucks, it has made times so tough for so many, working within counselling during this time I have really been able to see some of the worst people effected.

However, if we change our focus there is greatness all around us. I have talked to friends that I would see once or twice a year now once or twice a week. I have seen local shops delivering some free food to people who need it. People doing shopping for people who need it. The art teacher for my 2 year olds art group has been putting little bits of arts and craft ideas in a bag and delivering to the whole class so they can carry on being creative.

What are you using your time for? building something? Engaging with something new? self growth?

I want to work with you to make sure that you too can emerge from this even better than a butterfly! More like a kick ass Phoenix! book your free session and see what I can do for you

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