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This might sound weird and gross but it happens way more than you realise.

Often as men, we like to think by being “Laid back” that we are giving our partner what she wants, we are easygoing ..... brilliant!


The last thing your woman wants at the end of a busy stressful work day, dealing with the kids and all of their bonkers demands is to be forced into being the one to make more decisions or plan more things.

What you perceive as being laid back, to her is more “I can’t decide things you do it”

Even things like home cleanliness, if your wife is picking up all of your crap all day, cleaning up after you, cooking for you and making decisions on where to go, you have become another child for her to look after!

Let me tell you that is not sexy. It kills the polarity and attraction in a relationship.

When we work with men the first thing we do is help them to figure out who they are and be confident in that, from there we can build boundaries and when you can get those two things you can easily and repeatedly make confident decisions.

Your wife can know you have an opinion about something, you respect yourself so there is nothing left to tidy up, and you know who you are so she doesn’t need to constantly rescue you.

When guys leave our programs we genuinely see boys turn into men (Not like the band)

So look at your relationship now if you have lost all sexual polarity, that ‘feeling’ and honestly ask yourself “Has my wife become my mother”

If you want to learn how to change things back to how they used to be, book a free call on our website.



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