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Do you feel like your voice doesn't matter or get heard?

What would it mean for your voice to matter?

I recently spoke with a lady who felt unheard by her family, her son and her workplace.

She told me that she felt unheard and that her voice didn’t matter.

I felt her pain I really did, a younger Phil may have spoken the same line. I could feel the frustration, the hurt and the lack of feeling self-worth.

I want to look at this a little deeper, I want you to consider that if you are reaching out to others looking for approval and validation, this can only happen if the internal message is “I am not good enough as I am”.

If this is the energy we are carrying and we are relying on others to validate us then we are becoming victims of life's uncertainty. All it would take is someone waking up on the wrong side of their bed and suddenly we are worthless.

I know that reality can be frustrating and not what we want right now, but this is what reality is right now. It is less our job to change it but how to react within it.

If I was to open you up, would I find a message saying “this person is not worthy or heard”? No, it is not in your genetic makeup, but it is created by your mind, with words likely at a young age.

Ask yourself only answering yes or no, am I worthy?

What would be available to you in the absence of the thought “I am not worthy”?

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