• Phil Airson


Who has spent any time this week questioning their worth?  Wondering “Do I actually offer anything?” or “What is my personal value”  I get it, I have been there! I remember day after day sitting behind a desk talking about products I didn’t care about, being told exactly what to say and scolded if I ventured off script.  What was my value without what makes me…..ME?  I AM A CREATIVE PERSON! I love drawing and writing music and expressing myself through creativity.  I AM A THOUGHTFUL, CARING PERSON - All I wanted to do everyday was help other people, I wanted to help people and give back to the world. I AM SPONTANEOUS - I  like to think outside of the box! I love adventures and trying new things. I enjoy knowing the value I add is thinking in ways other people don't.  I LOVE LEARNING - If I am not interested in a subject and you tell me to learn it will NEVER happen. If I am interested and decide to learn about you bet I will read everything under the sun about it, throw myself into a subject with passion and gusto, I am an all or nothing kind of guy. My grades at school were either excellent or terrible, never average.  I have SO much worth as a person! So much value and I saw that now! But it didn’t fit into my current role, so something needed to change and guess what!  IT'S NOT GONNA BE ME MATE!  I did the work and made the investments IN MYSELF to learn and study from the best I could find to help me create a company and a role that embodies my values and self worth and now everyday I am living my own worth!  What is it that makes you YOU?  What are your core attributes that you bring that aren't being applied in your work life currently?  How can we help get these things married up so YOU CAN START LIVING YOUR WORTH? Please like and share  Cheers  Phil


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