Make your life a priority

FIRST THINGS FIRST - Click on any of the booking links on my page and schedule your FREE consultation and there we can discuss what your goals are and the results I will get for you. From there if we decide that we are a good fit to work together. 

We can then discuss how long it will take for us to get your results and base your package price based on your needs. My packages usually start at 60 days and can go up to a full year. Real change can rarely be implemented in a handful of sessions so you need to be committed and really know deep down you want to reach these goals and make that change.  


What you get ....

ONLINE CONSULTATIONS - (Zoom, Skype, Google etc) -  we can agree how many will be needed following our first session. The meetings will last 1-2 hours each depending on what you need. Here we do the hard work drilling down on goals and purpose.

ACTION PLANS - At the end of every session I will compile with you a list of actions for you to take through that week and tick off. I will check in with you through the week for progress and to provide accountability. 

(Face to Face sessions - If you live in or near the North East of England then we can arrange in person meetings. If you live outside of the NE then this can still be discussed )


WHATSAPP AND EMAIL - We keep constantly up to date, making sure you are being held accountable for your progress and sharing thoughts and ideas along the way


YOU GET TO USE MY UNIQUE TOOLS AND METHODS - I will design a full plan of action unique for you and constantly work towards your self growth. I will share with you my plans and documents that are proven to get those high level personal results and create deep lasting change. 


PERSONAL GROWTH - I will be sending you videos and links that I feel will be useful in your self growth. Although we address your main issues during our weekly sessions and work, my goal is to create a positive balance across all areas in your life.


What you get....

Business calls - I will do group calls to work on mindset and goal management . Helping you all achieve the results and work towards a collective goal.

Business talks - Come and host full day or weekend sessions on ultimate productivity and mindset of your team 

New Business package - I will share with you my tools and plans and work with you while you set up your new business helping you hit the ground running when you start. I have built and ran my own business and I can help you achieve personal success. 

New Job preparation - Let's work together to get you ready for an interview or meeting and build supreme confidence and skillsets to really nail it.


These are things outside my 1 to 1 and group business coaching...

Group Talks and presentations on confidence and mindset and finding your passion and purpose in life and career

Working with all of my clients after our paid sessions, checking in for as long as its needed.

Group coaching sessions for people in need.

Limited spaces for free coaching sessions to help the less fortunate get back into work. 


Lets take positive action

I am a certified life coach from the Jay Shetty Certification School, I am a qualified counsellor through the Northern Guild of Counselling and psychotherapy and I am a qualified Neuro-Linguistics Programming practitioner. As well as diplomas in working with depression, anxiety and substance abuse! I have devoted my whole life to the study of human psychology and helping people just like you is my passion!  So believe me I have you covered. ​

I want you to know that working with me will be a completely engaging process. If we are a good fit then I will work with you to give you all the tools you need to reach your big goals, find your passion, purpose and your dream career. 

If you are tired of settling, tired of saying and knowing you need to change then I can help. 

I want you to take action! Let's make a plan, let's find out whats holding you back and remove it, and the difference in working with me is you will ENJOY the journey! Let's get creative, let's get powerful and most of all LETS GET SUCCESSFUL. 


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