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Working harder for you than any other coach

As I sat there being hounded by an angry middle aged customer about why doesn't the bank provide a currency for Yemen at any given time, cash in hand, I took a deep breath…. And smiled. 

Was it that I had finally lost my marbles?  .....maybe.

Had the fact that despite wearing a suit the man had buttoned his shirt wrong and I could see his embarrassing looking underwear sticking out at me while he yelled like a child? No

I smiled because at last I knew I needed a change and it was coming. 

That night I got home, I took the biggest piece of paper I had and split it into two columns, on the left went everything I loved about my job, like helping people in need, working one on one or in groups, presenting, learning, problem solving and money! On the right…...everything else! The long hours, the constant threat of job cuts, the management treating staff poorly and the straw that broke the camel's back...those awful underpants. 

I did months, days and hours of research into where I could go. I earned my qualification in counselling and psychotherapy, then Neuro-linguistic Programming then finally LIFE COACHING.

I had always loved listening to coaches! Being a huge fan of Jay Shetty, Tony Robbins and many others,  but didn't realise it was something I could actually do! So After becoming qualified at the Jay Shetty Certification Course I launched PMA coaching. I wanted to help people who have their own angry belly to contend with! I want to help YOU find your passion and purpose like I have. I want you to wake up excited by what you can bring to the world through work and through life! I want you to feel that peace I found when you become the piece of the jigsaw that finally fits.


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