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You are making a personal inner commitment to your results and transformation, this has a profound and deep impact on not just yourself but those around you.

My 1:1 coaching is entirely bespoke, there is no set program, YOU are the program. I know how life changes and what you bring to the room is what needs to be looked at and unpacked in that moment. 

I am incredibly passionate about what I do, for me it is a deep honour and a privilege to share the time and space with someone while we create trust, commitment and a realised vision and it is something I take incredibly seriously as do my clients. When we work together we work to create what is possible, we dream and create big. 

I work with people to show up fully as the best version of themselves and be fully committed to that day in and day out. 

I work with people to let go of the grip they have on their past, limiting beliefs and constraints that hold them back as well as dissolve their deep-rooted fears about the future so they can live today in freedom. 

I work with people to create relationships deeper than they could ever imagine, to find peace and space to be loved, not just with their partners but with the most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. 

1:1 Coaching options

Initial consultation

This is the start of the journey for all clients. By clicking on any of the "Speak with Phil" buttons found on this webpage, you will be able to book a free consultation at an available time. There you will be able to fill out a form giving me some details of where you are in life at the moment and what you are looking for.  We will have the consultation via Zoom or phone call. During the call we will focus on your big goals, your wants, where you are at right now and what you feel may be holding you back at the moment. From here we will discuss how we can move forwards. 


The Better Man Project is a coaching program for men who are wanting more out of life and themselves. 


The reason we as men tend to not achieve everything that is possible is that we keep showing up with the same dysfunctional thoughts and the same repeated self beliefs that we have always carried and expect different results. 


What if you could work on dissolving the idea of who you believe yourself to be? With that goes the constraints you’ve had since childhood, the idea you are not good enough, the notion you can not follow your passion and purpose. You get to create who you want to be and live into that, you can show up differently, and create new thoughts and opportunities, you stop living from a place of self-doubt and barriers and live from untethered possibility. 


Or what if you could really work on understanding who you are as a man? Really getting your past and learning to leave it there as a valuable lesson, creating an amazing future and no longer needing to fear and stress about what is to come. Creating real freedom and unshakable confidence in who you are. 


How about becoming a better partner and father? Doing the work required to show up as the best possible man for them and yourself. Understanding your worth and building real self-belief. Creating a happier family, a relationship full of connection, respect, sex and love. 


You and I will work together 1:1 on your own personalised coaching program.

  • You will have access to either weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on your needs. 

  • The sessions can be either online, in-person or if needed via phone.

  • Initial deep dive session to create a roadmap for our initial 3 months of work and goal setting. 

  • Access between our sessions for things that come up in life as well as accountability.

  • This is only for people who are committed to their own personal development and goals. 


This is an online course for those who are looking to solely work deeply on their relationships, both with others and themselves. 

The purpose of the work is to help shift how you look at your relationships and change how you show up to them and create them. You will examine the deep-rooted language of relationships you picked up as a child that is still with you now and causing countless frustrations in all of your relationships. 

You will look at the relationship you have with yourself and how this shapes everything in your life. 

This can be delved into and the content digested in your own time, with videos, exercises and worksheets to help you build the best relationships you have ever experienced in your entire life. 

In addition you will also have access to the live group calls that go on throughout the year where you will be coached by me in your preferred group (Male and female) and have access to these once-a-month sessions for 6 months. 

Let's get started

It is really easy to get started with creating your freedom, simply click the speak with Phil button for a free no obligation consultation, pick a suitable time and day and we can go from there. 

If you have any enquires or questions please send an email to




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