1:1 Coaching

"How you show up to anything, is how you show up to everything"

If you are wanting to hold off on working together until you know what my approach and templates are, there is no approach and no standard template. 


YOU are the agenda


YOU are the approach

How are you BEING in the world right now? How would you like to BE? these are powerful questions to ask ebcause we all get to create ourselves every day. So let's work together to create how it will is to BE your best self. 


We work on the lies, self deception and the fears in you about money, relationships and the power you perceive to be outside yourself in other people. 


We work on your difficulties making decisions

I want us to create a life lived powerfully, one where you lead and live from the heart. If you are wanting an easy step by step guide in life then I suggest reading many great books (I would be happy to recommend some) but if you want to explore your inner self to a whole new level and to carry that understanding and amazing passion into your personal and proffesional life then grab the seat belt, we should get started. 


An inability thus far, to make bold choices in life and follow through and trust yourself completely to do so. 


We work on the confidence and self worth that has kept you from making a real investment in yourself that will last a lifetime and instead ends up on a holiday that makes you feel better for only a week. 


I have no standard coaching approach, transformation is the only objective. 


The irony for some people. Is that the very thing they want the coaching for, an indecisive half hearted life, is what is keeping them from getting the coaching! 


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Why people work with me as their coach

  • Are you struggling to show up confidently in your life as the best version of you?

  • Do you run at a rapid pace, it has brought you success but you constantly feeling tired, stretched for time and energy?

  • Do you find yourself constantly repeating patterns and behaviours that are keeping you stuck?

  • Have you found that you struggle to show up powerfully in and maintain deep and meaningful relationships?

  • Are you feeling a like of direction, meaning and want a bigger purpose in life?

  • Do you lack clarity? do you need bigger goals?

  • Have you created a high level of success but you still feel unfulfilled?

  • Does a lack of self care create stress and low moods within you? Are you struggling to make you a priority? 

The coaching program

The coaching I deliver is bespoke. Bespoke is an old English term that used be used by tailors who would make suits to their customers exact measurements. That is what I deliver to you. 

We work together to create an inspiring coaching plan that inspires you and fits in with your goals. 

YOU are the coaching program. 

Most other coaches will give you a set path to follow for a few months. I recognise that life doesn't work like that, it does not fit in to our pre prescribed rhythms and programs. 

For you to reach your dreams we have to be ready to smash through the unexpected. 

Once you apply, our first session will be a deep dive session. We will create a powerful plan, set goals and dreams bigger than you have ever done before, we look at the fears, lies and stories holding you back and how to remove them. We will create deep and powerful agreements and then you make the biggest commitment you have ever made...to massive personal transformation and to yourself.

From there we map out how your practical roadmap to success will look as we work together and we start living into the world of possibility.

My coaching runs anywhere between 3-12 Months. Like I mentioned this is a bespoke service so we can discuss how this would look for you to maximise impact and results. 

Every time my career has taken a massive jump it has been in partnership with my coach, teacher or mentor.

The greatest investment you’ll ever make is a commitment to your next level of success.