Sat on the Rocks



As a life coach I believe it is my purpose to help and serve others in their efforts to change things in their life, help them grow and evolve and find that daily passion that drives them on. 

I love what I do and I can promise you I will work harder than any other coach to help you achieve your goals. If you are willing to make the life changing choice to work with me, I will give you the tools so that you can keep acheiving high levels of success and joy and passion for the rest of your life. 


If someone told my teenage self that someone could work with me for between 6 weeks and a year to focus solely on discovering my passion and purpose in life, I would have snapped their hand off. 

Instead of working for over 15 years and doing jobs that left me unfulfilled I could have been working in a field that I loved, with confidence, passion and purpose like I do now. I could have had over 15 years of my life filled with more energy, jot and purpose. 

It is never too late though, any year spent being a happier, fulfilled version of yourself is a year well spent. 

You are not just paying for an hours session a week, you are paying for:

  • a complete ongoing life transformation.

  • weekly contact.

  • whatsapp.

  • email. 

  • one to one working.

  • creating unique agendas and plans to get you to your goals and enjoy the journey too.

Let 's make your 15 plus years and beyond the best you've ever had.


This is absolutely for you if you are:

  • Wanting to change your career 

  • Want to find what career best suits you so you can live with passion and purpose

  • Want to progress in your existing work to actively achieve your top goals

  • Want to rid yourself of workplace anxiety or depression and love what you do

  • Want to build unshakable confidence inside and outside of work

  • Nail that big job interview to build your future

  • Start your new business and thrive

  • Motivate your existing staff to achieve the BEST results 

  • Change your negative self talk into bullet proof confidence and kindness within yourself


NLP is a psychological approach that involves analysing the strategies, techniques and actions of successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal or professional goal. It relates to thoughts, language and patterns of everyday behaviours learned through experience to specific outcomes. 

Working with clients I uncover unhelpful patterns, thoughts and behaviours and help them rewire and re-write to form new ones. Ones that can completely change the way my clients see and think about anything in their life that could be holding them back.