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The first steps have been taken. We’ve begun the good work of redefining your framework and reclaiming your life, together.

When you’re ready, The Elevated Man programme is waiting.

This is not for the tourist, for the man merely flirting with the idea of a new life. 

This is not a self-help program or a tropical retreat. 

This is for the man who is hungry for the hard work of true change. 

This is for the man who is committed to the fight and to themselves, moving forward with their chest up and their heart open.

This is for the person who is ready.

The teachings of The Elevated Man Programme will take you deeper into yourself, and give you the tools to reshape the person you find there.

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You will learn the "Build your Kingdom" method

where you’ll learn about the 5 areas (Self, Health, Relationships, Wealth, and Business), and how to prioritise them using techniques like The Reversal to start building your kingdom.


You will make commitments to yourself and your results

You will get The Rise Up and The Evening Reset techniques and shown how to implement them in your daily life. They are tried and tested morning and evening routines for you to create a successful day as well as switching off and being fully present for your family. 

Stack of Books


A Personal Approach

You’ll get access to in-depth methodologies like The Deep Connection Technique and The Fresh Start Method, battle-tested strategies for repairing and rebuilding your relationship with your wife.


Outside of all of that, we work in-depth on you

Working with me you work with a Jay Shetty qualified coach, former psychotherapist and NLP practitioner. I will work with you one on one, online or in-person to really laser focus on what you are looking to overcome in your life and get you to your big goals. 

This combined with the Awakening Method will create results like you have never seen before. 


Create Clarity. Get unstuck.

Develop a passionate & connected marriage.

Be a hero to your kids.

And be proud of the man you see in the mirror.

Sign up now to start the rest of your life.

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