Phil has spent his entire adult life devoted to the study and practice of human Psychology. 

He has worked for many years as a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist for large UK companies like MIND, HARBOUR and the NHS. 

The high performers, the impact bringers and decision makers, nearly always the ones you would assume wouldn't need assistance - are the ones that call Phil. His clients have included CEO's and people on the frontline of  change and those who are making a real difference in the world. 

A psychotherapist by training. Phil became educated in NLP, CBT, anxiety and addiction. Following this working under world renowned life coach Jay Shetty becoming a qualified life and success coach and founding his own business, specialising in confidence and mindset. 

Born in the Newcastle, Phil's work has taken him and his family all over the world to live but he currently resides in his home base in the North East of England. 

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My name is Phil Airson. I have been bullied. I have been fired. I have struggled financially. I have been lonely. I have lost loved ones.

I have also worked with clients who have lost children, had life threatening illnesses, been assaulted, been abused and been through bankruptcy. 

But I have also been a leader, a coach and an advisor to high level clients for almost 17 years. I’ve faced many challenges (in life and business) and I’ve coached many people through life-changing experiences. And I’ve been privy to the secret challenges of top level clients, (Hint: they have the same challenges as the rest of us!)

Oh, and I’m an introvert at heart who is secretly relieved when plans for a night out are cancelled!

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The way I work is powerful and impactful. And I help my clients make these tiny shifts that change everything

So I devote myself to it, I live in it, I study it, I refine it. I am always perfecting my craft and enhancing my art is a continuous process. I lead from the front. I like to read, study, research and explore more than my clients, even my most advanced ones. I invest a massive amount of my time, money and energy as part of my non stop professional and personal development.

But my deep honest truth is that I lived most of my life feeling completely powerless. I could always appear confident on the outside whilst deep down totally lacking it on the inside. And no matter how much success I achieved in life. I was jealous of those around me who seemed to create more or bigger or better than I ever could. 

Well, it turned out that that old and overwhelming feeling of powerlessness eventually became my gift in working with high performing men and women. You see, I am exceptionally gifted at seeing where other people are powerful—even when they can’t see it for themselves.

My clients are all exceptional, they are powerful, passionate and successful, yet whatever is coming next still feels like a really big leap.

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